Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Here are some typical American WWII weapons on display at the Fort Snelling Military Expo in May 2007: an number of M1 Garand rifles, two .30 machine guns, two Broawning Automatic Rifles, and a few styles of rifle grenades fired from Garands.

The first photo shows a lone .30 M1 carbine. To the left of the Garands in the second photo is an M1 Thompson submachine gun. The next photo shows the large box which delivered .30 ammo clips to the front lines. Then we get a couple nice shots of the .30 machine gun.

In the sixth photo, the rifle closest to the edge of the blanket is a bolt-action M-1903 Springfield .030-06, typically used as a sniper rifle.

The tenth photo shows two types of launchers for the MkII fragmentation grenade. The longer grenade is an M9 A1 antitank round. Next to the BAR bipod leg is what appears to be an M21A1 amber star signal flare. Another BAR and .30 machine gun were on display next to a refurbished M5A1 Stuart.

The final two photos show a paratrooper armed with the M-1911 Colt .45 and M3 trench knife tucked into the jump boot.


Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII © 2002—2007 Timothy S. Streeter