US Army GI WWII Europe Figure Conversion Set
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Verlinden Productions

This can be a useful set to figure builders who want to personalize their projects with a little variety from the out-of-the-box GIs.

There are a pair of torsos and legs; each pair is on a casting plug and they can be built into figures that resemble their original counterparts, one walking (wearing the M1943 jacket, ammo pouches, and bandolier) and one standing still (wearing a tanker jacket and suspenders). If you mix and match with other VP figures, be mindful of the length of the jackets and how they sit on the lower leg portions.

There are six arms, three right and four left. Three of the left arms are carrying a box of .30 ammo, a Tommy gun, and a couple bottles of wine. One right arm is about to throw a grenade and another holds a piece of bread. There are separate right hands carrying an M1 Garand, a BAR (no ammo magazine is present, however), and a rolled blanket. A left hand clutches a SCR-536 handie-talkie. There are also hands that hold a spoon, a cup, and a Colt .45 (left hand). Four other hands are empty.

A note on the using the arms: you'll need to make sure that the sleeve cuffs are appropriate to the rest of the jacket you're attaching the part to, or make necessary changes with putty or your X-Acto knife. Also be aware that you'll probably need to make some adjustments where the arms join at the shoulders.

For footwear, you get two pair of service shoes and canvas leggings, a pair of service shoes without leggings, and another pair of shoes that are not really regulation service shoes (they don't extend above the ankle) but you could putty some extended trouser legs over them. The shoes without the leggings are rather short. There is also a pair of rubber overshoes for a winter climate.

Finally, you get five heads: three with bare helmets, one with a netted helmet, and a final noggin in a wool cap.

Much of the equipment is found in nearly every Verlinden set: the large one-piece M1943 pack, based on the camouflaged M1942 jungle pack, that was seen in Europe for a time in 1944 before being replaced by the two piece M1944 field packs; the M1936 field bag, or "musette bag"; the M1 ammunition bag. You get several entrenching tools, canteens, holstered pistols, ammo pouches, grenades, a dispatch pouch and a binocular case. Three M1 carbines are also included.

It would be nice to have more torso and leg portions included and less emphasis on the ubiquitous gear, the amount of which is more than really necessary if you have other VP accessory sets. The most tantalizing part of this set is the appearance of the hand carrying the blanket and left arm toting the .30 ammo box. These came from one of a very early pair of GI figures on march, the other figure shouldering a Browning .30. I wish VP would re-release this complete one-of-a-kind set.



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