Soldier at Rest
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Verlinden Productions

This is an oldie but goodie from VP: a single generic soldier sitting with his shoes off, feet bare, reading a map (reading material not included). I've had two versions of this kit. One is cast in white metal, with the base in plaster (#M121, out of production). The other version is cast in resin (#520). The figure comes with both American high-top boots, such as those for paratroopers, and the long black German infantry boots. The rucksack is molded into the base, but the helmets and boots are cast separately in metal or resin.

For use as a GI, the figure works reasonably well. The jacket closely resembles the M1943 jacket, except the packets do not have the pointed flaps. It also approximates a German tunic, but again a bit of attention to the pockets would make it an earlier version.
I recall the bare legs being separate pieces in the resin version, but they are molded to the main body on the metal figure.

The figure does seem a bit on the largish size, probably more toward 1/32 as the other early VP figures. But it's a nice space filler for your AFV vignette.



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