Shaving Soldier "Long John"
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Verlinden Productions

Even in war, a man's got to tend to his facial hair from time to time. This Long John (he stands more than 6'6") is taking care of his personal grooming while dressed in—his long johns. For some reason he has a belt running through loops in his long johns. Other than the fact he's using a straight edge (for which you need to supply the blade), there is nothing specific about the era this figure is supposed to represent. But I'm not familiar with any Army long underwear (also known as "winter drawers) having belt loops. However, I used this figure as one of the medics in my Hürtgen Forest diorama and I took care of two problems with a few slices of my trusty saw: I removed the portion of the torso with the belt and reduced his stature by about 6" so he would work better with the other figures. The figure is cast well in the old mustard-colored resin, but the pieces are brittle so take care when you remove the mold plugs.

This figure has been out of the Verlinden catalogue for some time, but it's another one that you might be able to find by asking around on the modeling websites.



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