Mechanic #3
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Verlinden Productions

This was the last in a trio of mechanic figures, again in a generic uniform. Like the other two GIs, this soldier wears a shirt. While it has breast pockets flaps, it does not have the sewn-on pockets, suggesting internal pockets instead. You'll want to fix that with a bit of two-part epoxy to create a more realistic appearance. The trousers do have hip pockets with flaps. You'll want to add a button on all the pocket flaps and down the center of the shirt.

Though this is another "54mm-1/35 scale" figure that is really 54mm (or 1/32), its larger proportion is minimized by the kneeling/ squatting position.

This fellow has three heads, identical to those in the other two sets. But again you'll want to replace them with something in 1/35 scale.

Verlinden later released a set of three mechanics (#1558) which seem to have awkward physical dimensions from their appearance in the box art. While these earlier figures have been out of production for some time, they still pop up occasionally, and may be better looking than the later trio. With luck, someone will produce some mechanics that are more in line with the quality we enjoy with other figures.



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