U.S. Infantry Equipment
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII


These items were originally included with the six figures in the “U.S. Army Assault Infantry Set.” The quality is a vast improvement over similar items found in the company’s “U.S. Infantry Weapons” package from the early 1980s, though not as far ranging.

Included are two M1 Garands, a third Garand with a grenade launcher, a BAR and a Thomson submachine gun. There are two T-handled M19 entrenching tools, which were often tucked into the M1928 haversack if not slung from the belt. Two nicely molded haversacks with separate meat tin pouches are provided. The four M1943 folding entrenching tools seem a bit under scale, particularly compared to those provided by Verlinden in their figure and equipment sets. Verlinden items always seem to be a bit on the big side (their weapons are 1/32). So you might want to take care not to mix these items in a grouping and opt for one or the other.

There are four nicely detailed hand grenades, a pair of holstered .45 pistols, and six canteens and bayonets in scabbards. The six helmets supplied are the same size as those found on the heads of Ultracast and Hornet figures, so that can give you some guide as to “swapability” of heads with Tamiya figures.

Tthis is an excellent way to update some of the older Tamiya figures or replace the outsized weapons from Verlinden. The haversacks are particularly nice and much more realistic looking than those found with DML’s Normandy Rangers. These haversacks were a mainstay of American infantry until the two part cargo packs were issued later in the war.



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