Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Scale-Line was a Dutch company that produced an eclectic line of resin vehicles, figures and diorama components until it closed in 2009. Their paratrooper with the small Cushman motorcycle is an interesting subject, and can be found at VLS for around $35. The Diamond T sells for $400. No further information is known about the availablility of these products.


35013U.S. Paratrooper w/Cushman Parabike
35221DUKW Crew (2 figures)
35234U.S. Truck Crew
35235U.S. Engineers
35239U.S. Tank Ace

Vehicles & Artillery

35101Military Lift Truck with Accessories
35011Armored Dozer D6 with Hydraulic Blade
35040Diamond T M20 Recovery Transporter 40 Ton with Rogers Tank Trailer
35048Diamond T 969 B Wrecker Soft top
35049Diamond T 969 Cargo Soft Top
3505075mm M8 Pack Howitzer





Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII © Timothy S. Streeter