U.S. Assault Team #2, Europe 1944-45
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII


This fellow is on the run, and perhaps wishing he'd buckled that helmet like Sarge told him!

His uniform is a combination of early and late war items, most notably the M1941 combat jacket and the combat shoes with leather gaiters. The shoes alone will place him in a late 1944 setting. The color of the jacket on the box art is a little more on the green khaki range, as opposed to the tannish khaki. You could go either way, the more greener color being a newer, less weathered jacket.

Bill Chilstrom's sculpting is crisp and the pose has a great sense of movement. Add a couple straps dangling from the helmet and you'll accentuate the feeling of motion. There's some flash and seams to clean up, but nothing to complain about. The body is cast as one piece, with separate arms and head, with the left hand molded to the top of the helmet. Dry-fitting suggests that mating the left arm to the torso and the hand on the helmet might take some careful positioning and slower-curing super glue.

The figure scales a bit under 6'. Like PT-005, his cartridge pouches are sculpted quite small, while the other initial Platoon figures pouches are larger and similar to those with Warriors or DML figures.

Again, the extras are limited to a canteen, first aid pouch, a bayonet, and a PAL RH 36 fighting knife in a leather scabbard.






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