G.I.s Advancing #2, Europe, 1944-45
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII


This GI be running just about anywhere in the ETO, from Omaha Beach to the shores of the Rhine. He carries his M1 Garand and little else. As with the other Platoon figures, the only extras are a canteen, bayonet, fighting knife, and bandage pouch.

The M1941 jacket is painted more greenish khaki than the tan or mustardy color it often faded to; you're safe with either choice. The trousers can be the OD cotton twill or paint them as woolen trousers with some field drab or military brown.

Bill Chilstrom has really captured the sense of movement in the folds of the uniform. You can almost feel the fabric straining against the right thigh as he runs. The one-piece body requires some clean up, particularly the flash around the legs. The delicate extended figures on the left hand are perfectly cast. The right hand is molded onto the Garand, which was absurdly warped in my set. While the figure scales out to a bit under 6' tall, the cartidge pouches are a different size than other Platoon figures. That's a very unfortunate mistake in an otherwise fine figure.



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