Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

I don’t know much about Panzershop other than they are a Czech company that is both a vendor and has a line of products under its name. Several years ago they released an interesting group of GIs liberating a concentration camp. From the photos I’ve seen the quality appears a bit rough, and I’d likely replace the heads. The inmates look appropriately gaunt and there is nothing to denote them necessarily as Russian. Painting of the striped prisoner uniforms will be a bit of a challenge for many modelers.
In 2008, the company released three full resin and photo-etch kits of two M5 HSTs and an M29C Weasel, which curiously is misnamed as the kit represents the M29 version of the cargo carrier.


ZA3510 Soldier U.S. Army WW2 carrying Russian captive
ZA3509 Soldier U.S. Army WW2 kneeling with Russian captive
ZA3508 Soldier U.S. Army WW2 - nurse/bearer company (same as GI in ZA3510)
ZA3507 Soldier U.S. Army WW2 - nurse (same as GI in ZA3508)


K36C06 M5 13-ton High-speed Tractor [Soft-top]
K36C07 M29C Weasel
K35C08 M5 13-ton High-speed Tractor [Hard-top & M2HB machine gun]

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