Sherman Armor Set (Europe War–02)
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Neo Grade

While the box does not identify the specific type of Sherman this is set is for, three of the sections sandbag the sides and glacis of your typical M4A3 hull, and two parts are shaped for the T-23 turret. So, use this to dress up your M4A3(76)W, or split it among other suitable tanks.

This particular type of supplemental armor I have not seen before: wooden bracing over a second interior layer of wood, which possibly could be filled with sand or concrete. The side armor is topped off with sand bags that are slightly smaller than those piled on the glacis and surrounding the turret. There's nothing particuarly wrong with the different sized bags, as they were sourced from various outlets back in the states, manufacturers in the UK, or from local businesses as the Allies pushed through France and into Germany.

The casting of these parts is very crisp, and, unlike some other resin products, there are no large pour plugs to remove. The parts fit well on top of the DML M4A3(76)W hull and turret and Tamiya M4A3 hull.

Thanks to Neo Grade for the review samples.



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