U.S. Willys Jeep Accessory Set
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Neo Grade

Neo Grade apppears to have pulled together variously sourced products in this collection of gear typically found on a well-used jeep. The musette bags are Tamiya derivatives, the M1928 haversack looks genetically matched to DML's pack. There are a couple pair of boots—U.S. paratrooper jump boots and German jackboots—that have a Verlinden heritage. Plus ubiquitous .30 and .50 ammo boxes, wooden boxes, and fluid cans. Much of the gear is loaded and molded into a field-built basket tht hangs off the back of the jeep. The chained wheels are nicely cast with crisply detailed links. The forked handles for the six jerry cans have openings in their bases which I haven't seen before, but as there were numerous manufacturers this may be a distinctive feature to one of them. The tools have some minor fittings added. A replacement bumber with rope wrapped around it is a nice inclusion. The covered windshield is well done and more realistic than some products I've seen. The set also inlcudes the spring latches that hold the windshield down on the hood (a puzzling omission from the Tamiya kit).

The casting of these parts is very sharp, and there are no large pour plugs to remove. A one-page sheet of color photos shows the products applied to a jeep from different angles.

Thanks to Neo Grade for the review sample.



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