General Patton
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Legends and Lore

This little general went AWOL in 2005, and it's a shame that parent company VLS discontinued him. Of the four renditions of "Old Blood & Guts" (Custom Dioramics, Dynasty/Legend, Verlinden, and Tamiya) this one does the best at capturing his facial characteristics. Along with the bone structure, sculptor Jim Maddox also gets right Georgie's thrusting lower lip.

The accoutrements also nail down this depiction of Patton, presumably directing traffic during the pus to Bastogne, with good detailing on custom-designed B3 sheepskin bomber jacket and the two pistols, appearing to be a Colt .45 revolver and a Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum. The general scales in at about 6'5" with his helmet on. I'm not sure what Patton's true height was (my few Patton books do not say, but the Internet Movie Database claims he was 6'1"—curiously the same height as George C. Scott!), but the helmet and weapons are in line with 1/35 scale.

Legends and Lore never really seemed to get much attention as a product line. That's a shame, as this figure is on par with the best of work in resin. For comparison, check out the Pattons from Custom Dioramics, Dynasty/Legend, and Infinity Shape.



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