American Ranger WW2
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Evolution Miniatures

While this fine figure is labeled a U.S. Army Ranger, his uniform is common to other American infantry from 1942 to to the fall of 1944. He wears the 1942 winter combat jacket issued to tankers but often seen on infantry. The trousers are the OD herringbone twill pattern with the large cargo pockets on the hip, introduced in October 1942. The canvas leggings with combat shoes and the M1 helmet complete the uniform. Molded to the figure's body is the M1928 haversack, to which you can add the meat pouch and t-handle entrenching tool, as well as ammo pouches for the .45 on his hip and the M1 carbine he carries, and a canteen.

The sculpting by Sergey Traviansky (Menelay) is superb, as good as anything on the market. The right hand is molded to the carbine to ensure a realistic grip. Facially, the figure recalls actor Tom Sizemore, who portrayed Sgt. Horvath in Saving Private Ryan, and needs no replacing. The only thing that is slightly off is the size of the helmet, seeming a tad small and too flared at the rear, but as there was only one size helmet, and the figure scales out to a touch above 6' tall, the appearance of the helmet is not much of an issue if the figure is used with others whose helmets are similarly sized.

This will be a useful figure in a multitude of settings. I hope Evolution Miniatures gives us many more GIs as good as this one.

Review sample provided by Evolution Miniatures.



Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII © Timothy S. Streeter