Andrea Miniatures
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Andrea Miniatures, from Spain, is a highly esteemed manufacturer of 54mm white metal figurines of numerous eras. They produce just a handful of WWII subjects. At their 1/32 size they could work fairly well with some of the larger Verlinden and Warriors figures. They can be purchased through a number of mail order houses, including The Red Lancers, S&J Hobbies and Michigan Toy Soldier Co. (where they can be viewed online).

S5-F02 U.S. Marine
S5-F16 U.S. Marauder, Burma 1944
S5-F17 U.S. Paratrooper, Normandy 1944
S5-F26 U.S. Tankman 1943
S5-F27 U.S. Staff Sergeant 1942
S5-S05 D-Day After (U.S. Paratrooper with SS Captive)




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