American M3 Lee
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII


I bought this kit to use as parts for my 30 year old Monogram M3, but after inspecting the Airfix kit, it appears to be a pretty good kit. In terms of dimensions, both are very similar. The details on the Airfix kit look good. One nice feature is the ability to open all of the doors, hatches and view ports. There are no details on the interior, so some scratch building would be required. This kit has the short barrel M2 version of the 75mm gun with the optional counter weight. The tracks are a design more commonly seen in photographs of British Grant and Sherman tanks. Markings on one plastic sprue is marked Lee or Grant. One full length figure is included. It will most likely fit into the commander's cupola. There is also a jerry can, some short pieces of extra track links, and a funnel to go with all of the usual other equipment pieces to decorate the exterior.

White stars and stripes and blue serial numbers are included. Markings for three vehicles are indicated in the instruction sheet:
  • U.S. tank training unit in England, December, 1942. Name: Blitzer
  • 13th Armored Regiment, 2nd Battalion, F Company, December, 1942
  • 13th Armored Regiment, 2nd Battalion, E Company, 2nd Platoon

-John Williams


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