Accurate Armour
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

Located in Port Glasgow, Scotland, Accurate Armour has been a well-regarded maker of resin products, including full kits, accessories and figures, since 1987. Their products are generally rated highly. I have a trio of German tankers and they tend more towards the very tall end of 1/35. I can't vouch for their U.S. figures. In photos they appear just a notch or two below Warriors in crispness and detail.


F26 WW2 U.S. Tankman Sitting on Gun
F27 WW2 U.S. Tankman Sitting/Changing
F28 WW2 U.S. Tank Commander Holding
F29 WW2 U.S. Tankman Standing/Kicking
F30 WW2 U.S. Tankman Exiting Hatch
FS09 WW2 U.S. Tank Destroyer Crew


1025 GMC M10 3" Tank Destroyer (late, with duckbill turret)
1026 GMC M10 3" Tank Destroyer (early, with V turret)
35040 Diamond T M20 Recovery Transporter 40 Ton with Rogers Tank Trailer    
K108 Ward LaFrance M1A1 Heavy Wrecker
K129 Diamond T 968A 6x6 4 Ton Cargo



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