U.S. 105mm Howitzer Ammo Set Brass
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

AFV Club

Along with three iterations of the mainstay 105mm howitzer, AFV Club issued a fine brass ammo set. The set includes four each of the: high explosive M1; the high explosive anti-tank M67; the chemical M60, which could contain smoke or persistent gas; and the smoke HC BE M84. All rounds compare well to the actual size of 31.08 inches. Also included are four empty casings. Each round and case needs to be superglued to its corresponding photo-etch base plate. The engraving on the plates is well done and readable with a magnifying glass.

The complete rounds have decal markings that are very thin and crisp. The ID numbers for the round have not been printed to accommodate the conical curvature of the nose of the round but the area is small enough that any distortion will likely be minimal.

Whether this assortment is a representative stock of ammo for a howitzer, M7 Priest, or Sherman howitzer needs further investigation. I would like to have seen double or triple the number of empty shell casings as I like to dress out dioramas as if the 105mm has been in business for a while. Others will find this set is more than adequate to dress their vehicle or emplacement. In any event, it's a great resource to have.

See also the article 105mm Howitzer Ammunition for more information on 105mm rounds and packaging and list of related model kits.

Review sample provided by AFV Club.



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