Aftermarket Sets for the M10 Tank Destroyer
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This is a small list of sets intended to update the M10 kits from Academy or AFV Club. The list is probably not 100% complete, nor is it the gospel on aftermarket sets. I've tried to incorporate as many items as possible, but you'll have to take into account that sets can be withdrawn from the manufacturers' product lists, and other sets and released to the public. This list is not intended as a full blown reviews, but as a guide to help modelers find their way in the available sets.

AB35151 US Tank Destroyer M-10 Basic Set
AB35152 US Tank Destroyer M-10 Interior Set
AB35153 US Tank Destroyer M-10 Fenders Set

Three sets of photo etched (PE) brass from this Polish manufacturer. I haven't had the chance to see them yet, but judging from their M4 PE set, etching will probably very clean. Parts may be a bit fiddly, and sometimes over the top in terms of construction, but the details is excellent. The sets are not intended specifically for the Academy kit nor the AFV Club kit, but more as a generic update.

AFV Club:
AFV35018 U.S.Army 76mm & 3 Inch Tank Ammunition (for M4A1-M10-M18)
In spite of what the label, this set of turned brass ammunition is NOT 3 inch ammo for the M10; the casing is not "shouldered" near the opening for the projectile.

AFV Club also has several track sets in its range. These include single link and vinyl band type. The vinyl bands are quite good, with reasonably sharp and accurate detail for the medium. The single link type assembles in the same fashion as most kits; separate links and end connectors. There are pin marks to be cleaned from the track pads, but since these are raised, it's doable. Track types include T51, T48 and T49.

Archer Fine Transfers:
AR 35003: M10 Tank Destroyer Markings

Set of dry tranfers for several vehicles. Includes vehicles from the ETO and MTO. Check to take a look at the sheet.

Barrel Depot:
BD35040 3 Inch (76.2mm) Gun M7 (M10/M10A1) (Academy)

Turned aluminum barrel for the Academy kit.

Blast Models:
BL35064K US TD M10 Late Stowage
Set of resin stowage, intended for the later 'duckbill' M10. Four large castings, with one incorporating a field mounted rack for the rear engine deck. Some trimming might be needed to fit the bits on the earlier turret. Detail is excellent and it's an eay way to dress up your model, as with all the other stowage sets.

EDU35665 M-10 Duckbill Interior (Academy)

Although intended for the duckbill version, most parts should be applicable for the earlier kit as well. Some turret parts might need tweaking. Eduard also has an exterior set for the M10, as well for the duckbill version. Sets for AFV Club are also available, though I don't have catalogue numbers as of yet.

Legend Productions:
LF1009 M10 Late Version Turret (for AFV Club kit)
LF1008 M10 Early Version Turret (for AFV Club kit)
LF1007 M10 Interior Set (for AFV Club kit)
LF1005 M10 Update Set (includes crew, for AFV Club kit)

These are four sets from Legend Productions. However, inaccuracies in the AFV Club turret were corrected in later shipments of the kit. (It's been suggested they could replace the narrower turrets in the Academy kits.) I haven't seen them first hand, but generally Legend has good quality products, though prices can be a bit high. The Legend website has pictures of the boxart, althought there's not much more information available. The crew in LF1005 is just one figure, intended to sit on the front of the turret.

The update consists of several packs for the turret, a large casting for the engine deck and the almost inevitable sandbag armor.

Several single link track sets, applicable to Sherman kits and derivatives. The sets are fiddly to assemble, and can have up to eight parts per link. A total track has about a 1000 parts then! Detail is gorgeous however, but I can't recommend the sets to beginners.

Royal Model:
RM 350 M10 Update Set (for Academy)

Set consisting mostly of PE, with some resin bits. These include new periscopes and some other small parts. PE replaces the kits fenders, grouser stowage racks, hatch details, and has bit for the .50 cal MG.

TX0052 M10 Accesory Set
TX0053 M10/Achilles PE Set
TX0054 M10/Achilles Stowage Set

Three sets from Trakz, with the latter two being more generic than the first. The PE has several useful pieces, with the standard head light guards, and fenders. Stowage sets is mostly packs, bags and tentrolls, and these are applicable to other US vehicles as well. The accesory set includes a hedgerow cutter, with two blades on either side, sandbag armor for the front plate, and a few packs for the turret.

Verlinden Productions:
V1854 M10 Update Set (AFV Club)

Set intended for the AFV Club kit, but might fit the Academy kit too. For a full review, check Terry Ashley's PMMS website:

This about sums it up. If you have more info on the sets mentioned, or have more sets to add, please contact the webmaster. I have not listed the details of crew sets. But many are available from manufacturers, such as Hobby Fan, listed in the Kits & Reviews section on this site.

-Martin Dogger


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