2 1/2 Ton 6x6 DUKW
Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII

The DUKW was based on the "Jimmy" or "deuce-and-a-half" GMC 6x6 cargo truck. Equipped with a propeller and rudder on the rear, it was designed to ferry troops or cargo on short amphibious runs or long stretches of road. Over 21,000 were built. Some were equipped with 105mm howitzers. DUKW, by the way, stands for (D) 1942; (U) amphibian; (K) all-wheel drive; (W) dual rear axles.

While many modelers assumed Tamiya would produce a DUKW to follow their Jimmy cargo truck, it was Italeri that came out with the long-wanted kit in the late summer of 2002. The kit has received good initial reviews and we'll likely see many DUKWs in a row on contest tables in the months to come.

This series of photos was taken at an expo at Fort Snelling. The sequence begins at the left front corner and travels clockwise around the vehicle.

DUKW front left DUKW left 1 DUKW bow deck DUKW left 2
DUKW left 4 DUKW left 5 DUKW left 6
DUKW left 7      

These next four photos are still along the left side of the DUKW. I raised my camera over the edge and shot photos looking toward the interior wall of the right side.

DUKW top left 1 DUKW top left 2 DUKW top left 3 DUKW top left 4

From the rear the propeller and rudder are apparent. The stern deck shows various details and a lot of rust.

DUKW rear 1 DUKW rear 2 DUKW stern deck left DUKW stern deck rear
DUKW stern deck right      

We walk around the right side in this final sequence. Again, I raised my camera over my head and shot the interior, looking toward the left wall.

DUKW right rear 1 DUKW right rear 2 DUKW right top 1 DUKW right top 2
DUKW right top 3 DUKW right top 4 DUKW top right 4  




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